Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, New Resolve

Want to really accomplish something this year? I’m not talking about the same old “lose weight”, “get better grades”, or “get a better job”. I’m talking about important stuff. The stuff you can’t touch.

Be a better friend by: calling more often, listening more actively, getting together instead of only seeing each other on Facebook or MySpace.

Be a better kid by: giving your parents or grandparents or other adults in your life more hugs, more respect, less eye-rolling, less impatience, more voluntary help around the house (they’ll wonder what you’re up to).

Be a better sibling by: playing with your younger siblings, reading to them, offering to help with homework, respecting all your siblings’ boundaries (both personal and physical).

Be a better citizen by: obeying traffic laws, holding doors for others, keeping up with current events.

Not all of these things are easy. Not all of them will get you recognition from anyone else. But they will all contribute to your sense of self-worth and make your personal world more livable.

Happy New Year!

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