Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!

As the New Year approaches, I would like to create something different at the library. We need a Teen Advisory Board—also known as a TAB. Up until now, our monthly get-togethers have been more about being sociable than accomplishing anything. On those occasions when I have planned a craft or other activity, my regulars have been less than enthusiastic. When asked for their suggestions, however, they either stay mum or put forth wildly impractical ideas.

I need kids who have good organizational skills, some initiative, and a complete disregard for the fear of failure. I need them to be willing to meet formally once a month, and on their own more often in order to plan and execute events. There’s only so much work I can do!

The approval of the library system will need to be received before doing any fundraising. Indeed, that approval will be necessary for any number of activities we may wish to engage in. This is where I also need kids who are willing to stand up (at least figuratively) in front of a bunch of adults they don’t know in order to plead their cases for fundraising efforts or other activities.

As an added incentive, the time you spend planning, organizing, and executing meetings, events, and activities can be counted as volunteer hours for high school, college applications, and job resumés.

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