Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Hundred Seventy! From TEN Countries!

That's how many times (and from how many countries) this blog has been viewed in the last six months. I'm so excited I can't stand it! From the standpoint of other bloggers, I suppose that's not an awful lot. There is one blog I frequent which has traffic in the thousands on a DAILY basis.

Looking at the information provided by the nice people here at Blogger.com, I realize that most viewers found me by accident, and probably did not stick around long enough to read even one post. But still. 170 from 10 countries! I would say I'm speechless, but obviously I'm not. Sputtering and repetitive, yes. Speechless, not quite.

So. Why bring this up? Because I had no idea ANYONE had looked at this blog. When you stop by, would you say, "Hi" in the comments? You don't need to say anything regarding the post, unless you just want to, but let me know you were here. I need the encouragement. And if more of you let me know you've visited, maybe I'll get more time to post, instead of just once a week!

And, hey, I love to hear from you anyway. I'm a people-person.

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