Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And then there were sequels.

I am currently reading Still Sucks To Be Me, by Kimberly Pauley. This is a sequel to Sucks To Be Me, which I read a few months ago. Why I didn't review it for you then, I'll never know. How about I review it now? Sound good?

First of all: How can you not want to read a book called Sucks To Be Me? The title alone is worth the price of admission. Second: This is a vampire story unlike any you have read before. Mina Hamilton is in eleventh grade, crushing on the cutest boy in her school, when the local Vampire Council discovers that Mina's vampire parents have neglected to inform the Council that they have a child. Technically, vampires aren't allowed to tell any humans of their existence, so having a human child (who knows her parents are vampires!) is a violation of vampire law. The Council is not happy. Mina is required to attend vampire orientation classes and then is forced to choose whether to turn and stay with her parents as they relocate, or to remain human and go into foster care with all memory of her parents erased.

Mina is sassy, sarcastic, witty, and loveable even in her angst. The chapter headings are little handwritten myth-debunking cards such as: "Myth: A stake through the heart will kill a vampire. Truth: Well, duh. It would kill anyone." Another is "Myth: Vampires have huge stockpiles of gold and treasure. Truth: If that were true, I'd be able to get my dad to actually buy me a car." And, one of my very favorites, "Myth: Vampires sleep in coffins. Truth: That's totally gross. It would take a total freak to want to sleep in a coffin." These are accompanied by little stick-figure drawings and cartoon vampire faces.

Ms. Pauley has created an absolutely wonderful character in Mina, and her twists on the vampire tradition are great.

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