Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School visits, revisited

I have had occasion to whine about students' behavior during classroom visits, but my trip to the High School today to speak to two of Ms. Harmon's ninth-grade English classes was wonderful! Thanks, guys (and girls!) for you attention, your interaction, and your lack of rudeness. You are one of the reasons I look forward to my job every day.

The other reasons I look forward to my job are your younger siblings, cousins, neighbors, friends. I love kids of all ages and types and I want to help each of you just the right book to fire up an appreciation (if not outright passion) for reading.

When people talk about a love of reading, they so often mean a love of fiction. But there are so many other things to read! In the world of non-fiction, there is biography, how-to, did-you-know-that, look-how-pretty, look-how-scary... See? Many things. And don't forget magazines and newspapers!

So, come to the library. Let me help you find the right book.

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