Monday, June 25, 2012

Well, dear friends, it looks like we have the same number of entries for different movies, so I'm going to make an executive decision... On Thursday, July 28, we will show Casper. It is a 100 minute movie, so just over an hour and a half. The show will start PROMPTLY at 6:00, and end at 7:40. We will need to put all the chairs away before we leave, so please remind your parents we will be finished later than usual. You may bring a snack, but please be careful with it. We will have to clean up! Any drinks must, of course, have a lid.

I expect you to behave like the growing-ups you are, not like the five-year-olds you are no longer. This means no throwing anything, no loud talking, no pushing people around. What you will do is show respect both to your fellow movie-watchers and to library property. Capisce?

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

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