Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Trailers?

How many of you have heard of book trailers? They're like movie trailers, only they're about books. Of course. And, instead of using movie actors, they use unknown people to portray characters in the books. Sometimes there are voiceovers (similar to The Voice used in movie trailers), sometimes title cards are used. Sometimes the whole thing is nothing so much as a PowerPoint presentation.

Sadly, I am unable to show any to you right now, as I am at work and YouTube (and other sharing sites) is blocked. I will try to remember to link some from home later in the week.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Erm. Sorry. For those of you who do not know me personally, you have no idea how ludicrus is the idea of me remembering to do something work-related while I'm home.)


It is my hope to win a grant for us to acquire a video camera and editing software so we can make book trailers of our own to showcase our favorite books. And by us/we, I mean you and me! If any of you teens out there has a fabulous idea for a book trailer, let me know, and we will see what we can do!

We'll need scripts, actors, technical people, and more. Put your brains to work, people!


Pat LaVarre said...

Book Trailers! Should happen, sure.

1. Also solvable with time without money: Machinima!

2. Know a friendly teacher? Could be a school assignment for a class to make lots? Of course, that might break your relationship with the students, unless they'd prefer that variation on the oft-dreaded merely-written Book Report?

P.S. I only saw your post here because I imitated your practice of telling Blogger of Blogs I Follow. Thanks again. :-)

Christine Deffendall said...

I tried visiting the Machinima site, but it persistently refused to finish loading the homepage. Of course, I'm at work, and bandwidth is at a premium. What is the site for?