Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer is almost upon us!

Now that you've all frittered away another school year, it's time to start thinking about that summer reading you have to do! Middle School classes have to read from the South Carolina Book Award Nominees list, High School Honors English classes have to read a wide variety of the classics, and ALL High School students have to read twenty-five books before the end of May 2011. You have twelve months to read twenty-five books. That is just a little over two books per month. Use the summer to get a jump start since you'll have other homework to do once school is back in session.

What constitutes a book?
Because the average book (novel) length is approximately 200 pages, in addition to novels, reading may include short stories, editorials, opinion pieces, newspaper or magazine feature articles, and technical manuals; 200 pages of this type reading = 1 book. However, 100 pages of densely printed material (ex. Professional journals, scientific and technical articles) = 1 book.

You should be receiving a log from the school, but in the event you don't get one or you lose the one you had, just come to the library. We will be able to print one for you.

Now, with all that reading you have to do, you might as well get something for it, right? Come to the Pelion Branch Library (or any other branch of the Lexington County Public Library System, for that matter) to register for the Summer Reading Program. Upon registering, you will receive a reading log to track the time you spend reading. After reading for four hours, bring the log back to the library to receive an incentive (prize). If you complete all four levels of the Summer Reading Program, you will have read for sixteen hours and will be entered into our Grand Prize Drawing. Have fun!

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