Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kick-Off Partaaaay!

Wow! There were about 250 people at the library on Thursday night, celebrating the start of the summer reading program. Thank you, my teens, for being part of that great number! Over 30 teens signed up for the program that evening.

I am so excited about this summer! I feel like squealing (in terror?) when I contemplate the ambitious list of events I have planned for you guys. I know that some of them are just silly, but come on! What's life without a little silly? Boring, that's what. You can only be cool for just so long before it gets to be dull (not to mention tiring).

"Express Yourself" is the theme this year, and I hope we have plenty of opportunities to do so. I want to see your silent movies; I want to read your poems, stories, essays; I want to get to know you. Will you let me?

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